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 Morocco Unveils Its Digital Nation Ambition With The Launch Of MoroccoTech 🚀 REPLAY 🌐

Minister Delegate to the Head of Government, in charge of Digital Transition and Administration Reform, Ghita Mezzour, PhD, announced Friday in Rabat, the launch of the initiative “MoroccoTech”, the national brand to promote the Moroccan digital sector.

“MoroccoTech” aims, on the one hand to position Morocco as a digital destination of choice internationally, and on the other hand, to create a global dynamic that will benefit all Moroccan ecosystems in their digital transformation. This initiative is the result of a “public-private” partnership approach and of a mobilizing and unifying movement of the various players in the Moroccan digital ecosystem.

“Today, Morocco is already a major regional digital hub,” said Mezzour, noting that the Kingdom has one of the best infrastructure of information and communication technology (ICT) of the continent, one of the most attractive talent pools and successful startups.

“MoroccoTech” is intended as a vision to promote Morocco as a producer of premium technologies and a leading investment destination, the minister stressed, noting that this initiative will support flagship efforts, programs, projects and communications around Morocco as a premium digital destination.

For his part, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Dr. younes sekkouri, highlighted the immense potential of the digital sector to create jobs to meet domestic and international demand.

President of the National Commission for the Control of Personal Data Protection (CNDP), Omar SEGHROUCHNI, emphasized the “positive” and “cross-cutting” contribution of the Commission in “MoroccoTech”, through its mission to protect personal data and privacy of citizens in all sectors. “In the service of digital, the protection of privacy is a factor generating trust,” said Seghrouchni, noting that the contribution of the CNDP would be to instill the spirit of “Morocco Trust” and “Moroccan Trust” to “MoroccoTech”.

President of the Confederation of Moroccan Companies (CGEM) Chakib ALJ said that beyond an ambitious vision, “MoroccoTech is accompanied by concrete actions to give technology the place it deserves in our economy, and offer Moroccan citizens an excellent digital experience.” MoroccoTech will further accelerate the pace and address some structuring issues, for a successful technological transformation for a sustainable and inclusive development of society and the Moroccan economy, especially for very small, small and medium enterprises, he stressed. “This initiative will also confirm the positioning of our country internationally as a reliable and competitive investment destination where technology and innovation occupy an important place, as highlighted by the New Development Model (NMD) report,” added Alj.

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MoroccoTech is a movement, a brand, a vision, and commitment to make Morocco an international digital hub.

During the launch of Morocco Tech, the ministre chargée de la Transition numérique et de la réforme de l’administration, Madame Ghita Mezzour, said on Friday January 14 2022, that Morocco Tech is a public-private partnership with the aim and the ambition to position Morocco as a “digital destination of choice internationally” and to “create a global dynamic that will benefit all Moroccan ecosystems in their digital transformation”.

Madame La Ministre Dr. Ghita Mezzour was well framed by the President and the Vice President of APEBI as it shows in the following pictures.

After making their speeches by reading them from tablets and phones, controversy not really erupted but it was more revealed that race against the clock took place for the registration of the domain name and the appropriation of its copyright and trademark, so it become no more a movement but a drive toward a monopoly on who really is the Owner of the Moroccan Tech.

Since last week following the official launch by the Moroccan high ranking of and entangled imbroglio between the protagonists of this mic-mac without the MacIntosh, it seems that the Morocco Tech as it has been guided and leaded recently, it needs a real detox de fond en comble.

Morocco Tech Tronquée ou Truquée, Morocco Tech completely Bold and not Digital, was refused to register the domain name

Clashes around the Domain Name of Morocco Tech happened before the advent of the event celebrating the Official Launch of Morocco Tech

The name was registered by an individual while the Movement is carried and sponsored by the State directedly or indirectly.

To be Moroccan as State Ownership

To be Moroccan in Citizenship

The Moroccan State is the one who is sponsoring and devoting human and financial as well as equipment and locations to the Moroccan Tech

An article emerged with a defying and challenging title “It is high time to dissolve APEBI

So is APEBI has an Exit Strategy or have been practicing “drill for escaping during an emergency.”

“In a previous article, we put our finger on the absurdity of this strategy and we noted that the domain name of the brand in question, was not the property of the Kingdom of Morocco but that of the company Media Mobility, owned by the vice-president of APEBI, Mehdi Alaoui.” Source:

It is high time to dissolve APEBI

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