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Le Maroc traîne dans le financement des Start-up en Afrique

A travers les projets d’entrepreneurs se réalisent des retombées économiques tant sur le plan de la creation d’entreprise mais aussi de l’emploi en plus du rôle de locomotive joué par les start-ups dans la stimulation des autres déjà existantes compagnies et par l’innovation scientifique et technologique dont toute la région et le pays peut directement et indirectement bénéficier.

Le mouvement de croissance des start-ups dans les pays tiers comme dans la Silicon Valley est un phénomène directement lié soit a l’existence d’un pool de diplômé/es ou bien a la présence d’incubateurs d’ordre académique et de centres de Recherche et Développement ou les aspirants aux diplômes comme les nouveaux diplômés essayent de créer des micro-entreprises et d’embrasser le chemin entrepreneurial au lieu d’opterer pour des postes dans des compagnies déjà établis. L’autre voie d’aventure pour ces nouveaux diplômées est celle de rester pres de l’action entrepreneuriale en rejoignant des start-ups en pleine croissance. 

Est ce que ces conditions permissives existent au Maroc et en Afrique?

Morocco Lags in Funding Start-ups in Africa

Morality of Moroccan History Startup

I know you are doing a tremendous job to keep the torch shining and enlightening and that is why I am going to send you this message as a celebration of all our respective sports years dedicated to this city El Jadida and to this country of Doukkala – Morocco of our birth and our past and present virtual interaction.

This is one of the reasons for this high-tech socio-cultural slump where we is currently drowned both in El Jadida and in terms of Morocco’s infrastructure. The circulation of computer and informational data is the basis of the construction of any communication infrastructure at all levels of interhuman, inter-organizational and even inter-institutional and academic relations and research if not down to earth at the level of the ordinary citizen. which makes it the pillar of any socio-economic and technological success of national or international scope. Human development is the source and the Ocean of these generational technological floods, since it is the sharing of knowledge and know-how that stimulates scientific and human progress.

In this sense and as the legend of Haroun Rachid says and his encounter with the experience of time and age of a simple man but with a deep vision in the past as well as in his present and their future, those who preceded me planted seeds of seed, I fed on their beautiful and generous labor and honest cultivation, I also sowed new plants and seeds of seeds by multiplying fields and crops beyond our borders of Doukkala, it is up to you to pass on the witness and the testimony and the know-how to the next generations.

We must create a group of dedicated athletes and sportsmen who will devote themselves to clearing new lands, cultivating new spaces, engaging those in charge and leading new generations of young people in the direction of success and athletic performance.

Sport for sport and not a springboard to get elected or show off and position yourself in the wake of official ephemeral fame and temporary prestige to reap personal favors. Avoid falling into this trap that is bottomless and disappears with fashion and profit with it.

Act instead of lamenting, put your efforts together, you have the material, human resources so it’s up to you to find common ground and alliance and promotion of your objectives, creating a Multisport Startup and through one of its affiliates would be the promotion of sport in El Jadida. There is no Startup in El Jadida and Doukkala dedicated to the resources of the region and of the city.

The other dimension of such delay of Morocco in Africa while we listen to left and right that Morocco has become one of the leaders in Africa, everything that moves with an extra-national vibration takes and adds Africa and Africa even to its name and its logo. Even the Banks add to their credit and cut costumes with the Africa Slogan. & nbsp; This is the new world of Market-out not market-engineering.

This Startup gap in El Jadida is general in Morocco, see the map below on this plan and Morocco is really drowned by other African countries when it comes to the financing of startups. There are several reasons for this, primarily the English language and the network of connections with English speaking countries and other regional and national failures as well.

For this lack of linguistic support and its cultural and business management components, Moroccan personalities residing in English-speaking countries who have decades of in-depth and first-rate knowledge of their environment, both cultural and that of the local, regional and national business climate, in all regions of the United States of America and in others of English cultural influence. If you are in this need of contact in an English speaking country, in the USA as elsewhere, please contact me directly at my email: and I can help you without any commitment on your part, Free of Charge.

A Hob Sentimental without Hub Tech

In Morocco we have the Hob for Africa but we do not have strong backs to install and build this Hob into a Techno-African Hub.

While on the ground, Morocco is marking time and is among the last of the peloton in the field of technology and communication. & nbsp; The field of business intelligence processing prediction and / or any business seeks to convey and increase their presence, their visibility if not their customer bases. & Nbsp; The dizzying development of E Commerce is there to remind the most reluctant.

The Startups in this sense borrow the Superhighway which can only promote the establishment and generalization of the use and access to the Internet Made in Africa with African components imposing a second era of technological independence supplementing the previous policy and this in the use as in the control and the definition of the objectives favoring the integration of the member countries at the regional and African level.

In this orientation, Morocco could extend the African reach of all its claims and all its relational references with Africa and that in a technological, productive, operational, managerial and infrastructural way.

It is mass consumption which is one of the first vectors and the necessary means of inter-African connection for adapt services and products to local standards and national regulations.

This necessity has become overwhelming given that we want to build a single integrated African market and in this Morocco does not have one. ‘one of the first organizational structures for the intercommunication and circulation of intrinsic data and the distribution of business intelligence niches. and Said El Mansour Cherkaoui by Dr. Said El Mansour Cherkaoui is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Based on a work at and .

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