US Certification for Startups Made in Morocco & Africa

Whether a business is referred to as a startup, micro business, small business, small to medium-sized business, the goal is the same for any owner — improve operational efficiency, maximize profit, and take the business from “stagnation to elevation.” But, they usually can’t do it alone. They need someone to help shape the future of their business. They need an Accredited Consultant based and designated by Morocco Digitall.

Morocco Digitall Consultants and Mentors are assessed based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Experience: Three to five years of consulting experience 
  • Education: A bachelor’s degree or equivalent consulting license
  • References: Five references submitted by client organizations
  • Engagements: Written summaries of prior client engagements
  • Competence: A written Case-Study exam, followed by a panel interview
  • Ethics: Examinations on the Morocco Digitall code of ethics

Startups Morocco & Africa: Metrics, Profile and Assessment by Morocco Digitall

  • Entrepreneur
  • Startup
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • TeamWork
  • Business Development

DESIGNED to add rocket-fuel to your business plans, and created to help NON-TECHNICAL founders to succeed in building their tech-driven ventures!

We even offer an internationally recognized certificate and Diploma option – use this to show investors that you’re clued up, or as an extra to add to your CV. We’re starting in just a few weeks! Sign up and get your tech startup business off the ground the SMART way!

Certification et Qualification du Startup

Process of Startup Qualification for our Support Services

En tant que driver et responsable d’une Startup, vous êtes déterminé à acquérir les certifications les plus prestigieuses dans le domaine de la Digital Transformation et la Technologie de l’Information. Alors ce programme spécial est pour vous et votre Startup !

Tell us first which Language you prefer as mean of communication:

  • French – Francais
  • English of the United States of America

Register here to receive a copy of our Startup Assessment and Profiling

Once you have completed the questionnaire and confirmed by our Team you will reach the Next Level of integration in our Pool of Startup that can benefit from a variety of our services.

The first benefit is to receive from us the Startup Assessment Com

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