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Welcome to American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa that strives to contribute to the economic enhancement of the development drive of Morocco and Africa, through its support of the entrepreneurial spirit and action, the cooperation between authorities, aspiring and established entrepreneurs and community leaders to coordinate their policies, strategies, efforts and actions toward the spreading of development across the African Economic Regional Communities.

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Participants in a Conference on Africa held in Paris, France

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa is inviting all the decision-makers and veteran entrepreneurs to participate in the realization of our mission and objectives and to overcome the challenges brought about by a fragmented ecosystem and diversified entrepreneurship environment in Morocco and Africa and enable entrepreneurship to become the driving force for local, regional and national economic development and to facilitate as a bridge to drive out of poverty and exit from the darkness of backwardness.

American Institute of Entrepreneurship in Africa seeks and privileges the establishment of partnership and collaboration with all the parties interested by the growth of entrepreneurship in Africa.

We organize and participate in the organization of Seminars and Study Programs that we offer to our Members in addition to other offering in form of reports and coverage of African Entrepreneurship and business operations.

Members get access to exclusive reports and customized services.

Our memberships cost only $39.99 and are billed annually.

The price of a cup of coffee for an entire month of membership

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