No Ami No Ennemi Just Profit: Citroën Ami more Expensive in Morocco than France ?

Citroën Ami for Postal Workers

 June 14, 2022Said El Mansour Cherkaoui, Ph.D. 

Le Changement dans la Continuité du Service Postal au Maroc – Deuxième Commande par Ryad MezzourMinistry of Industry and Trade – Morocco

I am your Friend in Morocco, why are you selling me a Citroën Ami with Higher Price than in France?

PRICE: €6,000 ($7,053 USD) – FRANCE – EURO – EUROPE

The Citroen Ami is an adorable if slightly bemusing car for a North American like me. In fact, it isn’t even a car, it’s a quadricycle.

That means that although it looks rather car-like, the Citroen Ami tops out at 45 km/h (28 mph) and can only go 70 km (43.5 miles) on a charge. That also means, however, that it only costs €6,000 ($7,053 USD) and can be driven by people who don’t have licenses. All of which makes it attractive for city-dwellers and those with short commutes.

The downside is that, though small compared to a car, it’s massive when compared to something like an e-bike or a scooter. Meaning that it also has some of the disadvantages of a car, like the need to find parking.

•  Dr Said GUEMRA • Expert Consulting in Energy Management •

Made in Morocco, this small electric car [ Citroën Ami ] will be sold at 50% more than in France. We do not understand the logic of these prices.

In addition, it is deemed to have zero CO2, which is completely false, this car if it is charged by the Moroccan network, each kWh emits 633 g CO2 / kwh. if its consumption is 17 kWh / 100 km, it will emit 107 g CO2 / km, which is practically the ratio of a thermal car that consumes 5 l / 100 km… Far from the announced zero CO2!

We have to find other selling points, that of Zero CO2 does not work.

NB: if we take into account the electrical efficiency of the network which is at 85%, this electric car would be at 125 g CO2 / km.
correction Prof.  Amine Benouna .

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 

For coal alone, we are at 850 g / kWh for power plants, and even more. The Moroccan mix is ​​at 633 g / kWh with 67% coal in like 2020.

Amin BENNOUNA out of network3rd + – In addition, 633 gCO2 / kWh does not even take into account the efficiency of the network (nearly 85%). So if you load it at the end of the line, it would be more like 125 gCO2, practically the same as a small thermal city car. It’s not the car that is not good but our electricity is too sale. like

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 Indeed, if we take into account the low voltage network load. Why is the manufacturer announcing zero CO2?  like

Amin BENNOUNA out of network 3rd + – “Zero emissions” because its use does not emit GHGs and it can be if recharged with renewable electricity. If the user load with electricity with coal, it will be “his” fault that the vehicle emits much! like

Abdelilah Bahaoui, M.Eng, MBA, PMP®, PSM I 2nd degree connection 2ndSenior advisor, payment solutions expert at Banque Nationale du Canada

Dr Said GUEMRA  remains a 0 CO2 generated directly by the car itself. The problem will then be transferred to the charging network which will have to find a clean solution as

zakaria khoubid 2nd degree connection 2nd Sustainable design engineer I believe that the calculated LCA does not take into account the operational phase (obviously the electricity consumption). 

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 It is zero carbon when it is not driving! curiouslike

zakaria khoubid 2nd degree connection 2nd Sustainable design engineer Dr Said GUEMRA  YES (even if it is not logical). The calculation is only made over the entire life cycle of the car. The scope of the study is not exhaustif. like

Mounir Bensmail 2nd degree connection 2nd Global Procurement Analyst Moroccan consumers are good pigeons, and everyone benefits.

At 600dh Zara shirts sold here for 30 euros, and examples like that there are plenty …

But hey, as long as people buy, why go without inflating the prices …

20% difference is okay, let’s say transport, taxes, whatever excuse, but 50-100% difference… like

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 Perfectly like

Philippe Alléau 2nd degree connection 2nd Climat-Energie-Eau Selling an electric car in a country where the energy mix is ​​85% fossil is a very adventurous business strategy 🤣🤣  likecelebrate

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 Perfectly well said. And so we have to find the compensation mechanisms. In Morocco for an average trip of 50 km / day, 2 kWp PV is needed to compensate for the CO2 emitted… to be meditated. like

Jamal E. 2nd degree connection 2nd Energy specialist || Machine Learning Exactement Philippe !!

Omar BENAICHA, PhD. 2nd degree connection 2nd CEO | AEE Chapter President | Certification & Inspection | ESG, Sustainability Advocate & Climate EU Ambassador | Education | Impact Investing It is sold for less in France thanks to free CO2 quotas 😉like

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 In France it is sold at 6900 Eu with a CO2 premium of 900 Eu only to be deducted. Which does not explain the big difference in price! like

Omar BENAICHA, PhD. 2nd degree connection 2nd CEO | AEE Chapter President | Certification & Inspection | ESG, Sustainability Advocate & Climate EU Ambassador | Education | Impact Investing  Dr Said GUEMRA  there are also other tax credits (R&D) and the margin of Sopriam which is not PSA as opposed to Dacia which is part of the Renault group…. You will not be very far from € 9000 like

Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 Omar BENAICHA, PhD.  That still does not explain the price difference. the Chinese equivalent is less than $ 5,000. But let’s say that these are not quality electric cars!

Ruben Blockeel 2nd degree connection 2nd Business developper & sales agent at 2tec2, Quick step, Orac Decor, Tecnodeck, Mini – kitchens. At least it gives work to a lot of Moroccans. Otherwise it is not really suitable for driving in Morocco.
At the limit in Marrakech for tourists. like1Reply1 Reply1

Comment on Ruben Blockeel’s comment Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 4 or 5000 Eu is not a bad solution, as long as you do not talk about CO2! Like like1Reply

Adil Alami 2nd degree connection 2nd Route To Market expert • Market studies • Entry Strategy • Commercial Excellence at Train 2win The information on this post needs to be corrected. The Citroën Ami costs € 7,300 new in France or 76,900 dhs excluding ecological bonus. Source: cordially

Citroën Ami Test (2020) – Do good accounts make a good Friend? Citroën Ami Test (2020) – Do good accounts make a good Friend?

Comment on Adil Alami’s comment Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 There are 4 options, one of which is at 6900 Eu.

fouad elkohen 2nd degree connection 2nd DG from ELEXPERT- Expert in Power Quality and energy efficiency Agree with you dear friend… unless you use a self-consumption solar power plant to charge it. A good hearer, hi 😇 celebratelike

Comment on fouad elkohen’s comment Dr Said GUEMRA Author Expert Consulting in Energy Management 4.0 I see you coming dear Fouad. ideally we would charge this car at night, and we compensate in the morning with solar netmetering …. We are far from this common sense with the law on Self-production which has just put an end to all these possibilities allowed in others country. … like

Younesse Bahou 2nd degree connection 2nd Automotive and electronics engineering consultant (edited) Hello everyone, I would also add that in the carbon footprint of a car, you have to see the carbon impact during manufacture and the electric car with its battery and process. production far exceeds the thermal car. I have no exact figure but I have seen studies that this already requires a few years after leaving the factory to be carbon iso balance, without taking into account the electrical network. LikeReply1 Reply1

Comment on Younesse Bahou’s comment Philippe Alléau 2nd degree connection 2nd Climat-Energie-Eau The carbon footprint of an electric automobile becomes more efficient than that of a thermal from 150,000 km according to the models like

Jamal E. 2nd degree connection 2nd Energy specialist || Machine Learning Dr Said GUEMRA  Indeed, the combustion of coal generates 245gCO2 per kWh. The more charging points, the greater the need for available energy !! We will have more CO2 emissions !!

Load previous replies on Jamal E.’s comment Jamal E. 2nd degree connection 2nd Energy specialist || Machine learning

karim MOUAFIK From the coal combustion equation, you can deduce it.

ZAKARIA AIDOU 2nd degree connection 2nd Area Service Manager You are right, the price for a Made in Morocco product must be reasonable (not necessarily cheaper), several assumptions on this subject:

– Wouldn’t putting an electric car (a means of mobility) at a low price have the expected opposite effect? a low price product is a poor quality product -> the Moroccan consumer will not buy it.
– Has the price been set high so as not to cannibalize the small thermal city cars?

– Since the cars are produced in a free zone, so to resell them in Morocco, we have to go through customs. but at this level several actions can be taken to lower the prices …… like

Mohamed BENAILLA out of network 3rd + Regional Director APDS (Southern Agency) Far from a scientific analysis, but speaking logically! We start by quoting the “made in morroco”, then we compare ourselves to France in terms of price, then we target scientific data and we say that we have to base marketing on something else and forgetting the environment. reactions thats another story hhhhh shocking question cognitive we are not bad like even… of the influence on its most basic form. In my opinion, it was necessary to stop at the mark. It’s private, isn’t it? Hhhhhhhh

ADIL ARBAI 2nd degree connection 2ndInternal controls Manager Amendis Tanger / Tetouan at Veolia Bad interpretation in my opinion and unfair comparison !! because if we apply the same principle to fossil fuels of diesel for example we must even count the emissions of oil installations, oil-producing boats, trucks which supply the stations and also the electricity consumed by the station so we will have thousands of gCO2 emitted by a city car and ultimately the electric car will actually be less polluting and can converge towards zero if we install our own source of clean energy at home.

Youssef El Idrissi Slimani 2nd degree connection 2ndVersatile Manager Full in the mile for carbon emissions, we talk about 0 emissions but consider the carbon emissions for the necessary energy production. this is the case with solar panels and wind turbine components, their production is just as polluting as a thermal power plant and in the end if we calculate the exact rate (cumulating emissions and consumption) we will find ourselves far from the myth of 0 Carbon

maati ZAITER out of network 3rd + Entrepreneur in the Industrial sector / Technical assistance & advice I come back to the selling price, I would say the 50% that Moroccans C will pay for the sign or logo. Moroccan citizens would fill the shortfall from exports.

Ayoub EL MAATAOUI 2nd degree connection2ndFuture Industrial Engineer Imrane Afella  😶

Youssef Mossadek 2nd degree connection 2nd Consultant in strategies and management of organizations Expert in economic intelligence Other mess that will cost the brand dearly: problems of charging the electric battery, continuity of the wiring harness, lack of replacement vehicle in case of breakdown or shutdown, the little equipment in hybrid stations … in addition, it is adaptable to our roads full of dodanes (small mountains) ..!

Youssef KHALFI 2nd degree connection 2nd EXPORT MANAGER 45km / h max speed…. 50km autonomy….

BAICHA Abdelghani 2nd degree connection 2nd Senior Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor at JACOBS Engineerings SA (JESA) Very well received Ssi Said 👍
The CO2 emission is “delegated” in this case to the electricity producers.

CHITCHIENZO PAWANG MARTIAL 2nd degree connection 2nd Investor Contributor – Business Provider – Strategy Consultant Targeting Prospecting & Customer Loyalty. The interland policy = Bad strategy and commercial architecture!

Zakariaa EL HOURCH 2nd degree connection 2ndProject Manager | E-Mobility | Sustainability | Electric Vehicles | Automation | Injection Molding in Morocco we have the opportunity to run with 0 CO2 in addition to having new sources to supply the grid with clean anergy. I am working on a project in this direction. Please accept my connection request if you wish to discuss it.

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